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When Bugs Happened ?

Step1, find the data directory

Use the shortcut Shift+Command+C to go to the data directory when is running.

We Can also find the path by Finder:
Open Finder, use shortcut Shift+Command+G, then input ~/.ZREY/MarkdownAppData to go to the data directory of
If the application is downloaded from AppStore, because of the sandbox environment, the path to input should be ~/Library/Containers/org.zrey.markdown/Data/.ZREY/MarkdownAppData.

Step2, attach error log files and send to us

Under the data directory, there are two types of error log file, one starts with error_<version>.log, the other starts with ns_error_<version>.log. For example, error_1.0.1.log & ns_error_1.0.1.log are two log file names for whose version is 1.0.1. You can find current version of App from the About window.

If there are two (or one) log files, attach theme in the email. Then just send email to us and tell us what happened.